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What will you do to
renew democracy?
Angelo, Dumfries
Speak out in every possible way about the need to take back our government from special interests.
Lisa, Vernon Hills
VOTE..and not for MITTENS
Alice, Gainesville
Pull my money out of Bank of America and put it in a local bank.
Donna, Haworth
occupy congress for 1 week
Chloe, Kalispell
I will tell a bunch of friends! (:
I will vote and support the amendment.
Ron, Stephens City
Write my Congressman. Often.
Cameron, C, Bozeman
I will spread the word
Carol, Grass Valley
Carol, Broomfield
I will support all candidates for public office that support the overturning to the Supreme Court's ruling regarding Citizens United.
Chris, Winchester
vote, spread the word through social networks, donate money and or service that I can.
William, Anaheim
Vote Ron Paul.
Charles, Westerly
Start with questioning the motives of my "local government" decision makers and hold them accountable for their decisions.
Chris, Aliso Viejo
Carlis, Evanston
Chris, Golden
Vote for one! Will tell others about the motion, and get involved.
Chris, Yorktown
Anthony, La Puente
Spread the word about the importance of this amendment.
Brent, Denver
Carol , Woodinville
I will continue to support President Obama in his work to restore the middle class. As long as the power is held by the rich 1%, democracy is in danger.
David, Indianapolis
Speak out to my peers and spread the message.
Daniel, Everett
Help organize, write, brainstorm for courses of action brochures and other activities, lead or join delegations to confront politicians in my area.
charles, whitmore lake
give lectures.
Daniel, Germantown
VOTE !!!
dan, largo
I will support the Amendment, and spread the word
diane, grand coteau
Gary, Palm Coast
Plenty. What will you do? Sign my petition at and also join The Democracy Coalition. If you don't I will retract my signature of your motion.
Donna, Longview
I will send this to my email contacts and will post the site on my FB wall.
Charles, Eugene
I will support all candidates for public office that support the overturning to the Supreme Court's ruling regarding Citizens United.
A. Jack, Bath
Charles, Salt Lake
Run for office
Diane, Harbor City
Vote for Bernie Sanders
Dirk, Saline
Help update this site; contribute what I can.
Diane, Woodside
Support fairminded and decent people who run for office and vote for them so that we can have a government that truly represents the people of our country.
Douglas, Apopka
Doug,S, whitefish
vote and research the candidates, educate my friends and others. Call our politicians and tell them to break the chains and support this amendment
Michelle, Baltimore
Andrew, East Falmouth
I will write letters, articles and commentary, and I will do my part to see that the ideas behind this amendment remain in the public spotlight.
earl, prudenville
i will spread the word, to reform are present laws.
Eva, Westover
The members of the three branches of government (including the president of USA) work for the people, and should be elected directly by the people, without contribution/interference from private donnors. We should have more than two parties, with the same electoral rights. Also, they should have the same benefits that the rest of us, because they are our employees or vice versa!
Dylan, Chapel Hill
Paul, Oklahoma City
Let's do it.
Elsa, Norwalk
Pray really hard, as I already do, our Government is crooked and things are just going to get more evil.
Bonnie, Battle Creek
Believe in a new democracy!
Glen, Wilmington
share posts and scream on the Internet.Sign petitions.
Donald, St. Augustine
Support the proposed amendment in conversations with friends and in political discussions.
Anne Marie, Nashville
I will support all candidates for public office that support the overturning to the Supreme Court's ruling regarding Citizens United.
Glenda, Austin
Vote. Let all representatives?, know my opinions on legislation. Remove them. Spread the word on this petition. THE EVERYDAY PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN THEY KNOW! Bring this knowlwedge to the streets, schools, and the 3rd world workplaces left for Americans to work in and CHANGE THIS REPUBLIC TO A DEMOACRACY!
Mike, Clearwater
gene, union grove
Frank, McHenry
A recent CBS/New York Times poll has put Congressional approval ratings at 9%. This may prompt many to ask “why do you want to go to Washington?”In short, Congress needs representatives, not politicians.Since entering Congress, neither Joe Walsh nor Randy Hultgren has introduced a single bill designed to create jobs. Instead, they have both chosen to join the Tea Party in their efforts to railroad recovery. It’s time to reinforce our message that people must come before politics.We are a country of laws, not Money and
Lori, Dunbar
Claudia, Miami
Gregory, Shelbyville KY
Tell friends. I'm idealist, want to see America work like it was supposed to.
Gordon, South Salem
Argue in its favor as best as I can, on the web.
Janice, Port Townsend
Gary, Austin
Brian, New Paltz
Work to Educate as to how an ex CIA director & a For Sale President structurally damaged our Trade & Labor Laws such that Our Nations Trajectory is that towards becoming alike an Emerged Third World Economy.CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM - now
Joel, Sacramento
I'm actively looking for a way to get involved. I would like to find ways to bridge the emotional divide between OWS and Tea Party so that they might come together and work together for some of their common goals in a balanced way.
Richard, Smithfield
John , Broooklyn
The rights of citizens are withering and we do not control the government or our financial future; other more powerful forces control these things at the vast majority of citizens' detriment....My family is on the verge of losing our job, home, all assets and retirement. Perfect credit rating for over 25 years all gone in less than 3 years due to lawyers taking money and failing to protect us.
James, Loveland
Fight and if necessary, die for it.
Jean Ann, Melbourne
Jerry, Loveland
Jeff, South Burlington
Stop supporting, with my consumer dollars, those who are destroying our democracy with their greed.
John, Chicago
Phone and email elected officials and legislators, and friends & family.
John, Westminster
James, West Chester
I'll tell my friende, neighbors and co-workers avout the movement to take our government back...
Joyce, Nashua
Vote...and spread the word.
Kevin, Vancouver
Communicate, Educate, Illuminate. Donate, Liberate...
Kenneth , Las Vegas
Kimo, San Jose
Spread the word how our US Gov. via the current Gov. is taking away our rights!
Jonathan, Sparta
Jennifer, Kalamazoo
Eric , Hoboken
Fight for 100% Public Financing of all Federal campaigns.
Linda , San Jacinto
I will go door-to-door to plead the argument against Billionaires/Millionairs from 'Gaming' our Political Lives!!
Julia, NYC
Work within the USGP to approve proposal
Michael , Ft Myers Beach
I will vote for it and campaign for it. I will spread int word in forums etc.
Margaret, Lyndhurst
Mark, Pittsburgh
Promote and pass along information to facebook friends and email to those not on a social network. Canvass for signatures to any petition. Phone my state and federal representatives. Create a local phone bank, if needed, to get the word out.
Matthew, San Francisco
Lisa, Arcata
John, Modesto
Michelle, Philadelphia
JOHN, St. Pete
vote;and inform and ask others to do the same
Marci, Los Angeles
Katherine, M,
I will tell a friend!
Michael, Eugene
Spread the word about unjust actions taken by our government and take action, including rallies, contacting congressman, supporting advocacy groups, voting, and encouraging others to participate and resist apathy.
mike , Columbia Falls
Tell a friend
mike, knoxville
Demonstrate against the current system, tell the world on my blog, vote, and speak.Get the money out of politics.
Lawrence, Happy Valley
I won't bother to repeat the list below.
Linda, Santa Rosa
I am activist, I spread the word. Do not have money because I work for free...Have always wanted to see a real democracy..Know we can overcome all obsticles. : )
Paula, Hooksett
Misty, Las Vegas
Nannie, Cincinnati
whatever is neccessary.
Neva, Winnetka
Joyce E, Union Pier
whatever is within my ability and power
spread the word
Mary, Maplewood
Spread the word and get out the vote!
Mica, Phoenix
Stop making political contributions to any campaign that has not pledged to Get Money Out. Ask leaders to show some leadership on moving this amendment forward. I might actually vote if there are politicians who want to #getmoneyout and are willing to run their campaigns without corporate contributions or large individual contributions.
omar, redwood city
Penny, Friendship Heights
Mary, Pt. Townsend
You can take the evil out of democracy by eliminating the cash flow.
Pamela, Seattle
William, Seattle
As much as I can.
Nicolette, Princeton
try to spread the word to make people realize that our democracy has deteriorated and it HAS TO GET BETTER!
Myles, Harrisburg
nancy, seattle
advocate for this
Phillip, Farihope
advocate for the amendment
Tanner, Rigby
Everything it takes, end the Plutocracy. Also, support getmoneyout by Dylan Ratigan. Its getting massive support by the common man, and published by msnbc
Nicholas, Carney
Branden, Tulsa
I'll support voter suppression and election fraud bills so we can reclaim the vote in America
Christene, Okahumpka
My Grandfather and his father before him died in wars defending the freedoms of this country. Being this is a peaceful movement you do not want an answer from me. For now I occupy with my brothers and sisters, lending support and spreading information and love.~
peter, denver
Barbara, New Bern
Polly, Bowling Green
Educate others on the ills of corporate personhood and the influence of corporate money in our political system.
Rhoda, Cordova
Pass the word about this amendment and
Julia & Robert, Tyler
Jerry, Redding
Keep the preasure on my Congressman.
elia , whittier
richard, wartburg
Marsha, Garden City
neil, hillsdale
pass the word
Ann, Boone
Ronald , Bullhead City
@_marp @coach1640280
Rob, Jacksonville
Suport this an others that are working to change the established method of polical contol to anything other than red blooded Americans. Corporations can't be a patriot from the hart and make sacrifices for the good of the country.If anyone stands with me I stand with them on this. Dylan Ratigan, Lawrence Lessig, Jimmy Williams, GOP candiate Buddy Roemer and thousands of others, all diferent, but all understand that Americans are people not institutions. I'll walk hand in hand with all of them.
Rod, akron
Ruth, Montfort
Until our political representatives and parties receive all their campaign money from the voter solely as outlined in the RDA, they will not represent their constituents, but instead will represent the special interests and the wealthy who currently fund them. This distorting influence is not limited to Corporations, but also includes other groups and organizations, the wealthy, Outside money from PACs, the political parties, and lobbyists. It will take a Constitutional amendment as the 1st amendment is plain and the
Ronald, Fredericksburg
Bring the jobs back to the United States so everyone can make a living and feed their families. Everyone in the United States , should be able to make a fair wage and not be living on the streets of America. We live in a twisted USA. I would stop building schools ect... in other countries that don't give a damn about the USA and spend all those monies in the USA. Things need to start making since to the ordinary man .
Robert, bay shore
Donate 15 hours a week of my time
Russell S, State College
Vote and spread the word.
David, Chazy
Ryan, Glen Ellyn
Kent, Kalispell
Robert, Camarillo
Be a strong advocate for this change at the local level.
Stephen, Springfield
Enlist friends and acquaintances to acknowledge and support the amendment and sign the motion.
Heather, Cheshire
Spread the word on the OWS movement, and attend local events when possible. Donate what I can to OWS. Alert people of the problem - rich people buying our democracy, and encourage everyone to vote. Move my money from BoA to a credit union.
Andrew, Portland
Actively advocate for the passage of this amendment or something similar that gets the majority of Americans more involved in dictating their own futures.
Sean, San Francisco
Susan, Bala Cynwyd
Spread the word.
Patricia, Los Angeles
I am interested in more information about this!
Douglas, Gorham
Any politician who does not pledge to support this amendment should be disqualified from contention for any political office. Of course, it's only the voter who can do the disqualifying. Make this a litmus test for any and all candidates!
Patrick, Kansas City
I support candidates and groups that are working to restore the focus of government to the well being of the people.
Dennis, Ft Myers
support the ammendment to get $ out of politics and on-line primaries.
Stephen J., Lewiston
I will certainly support and share the amendment.
Steven, Plover
Patricia, Macon
Auburn, Itasca
Whatever it takes...
Barbara, Venice
read and vote
Thomas, Littleton
Julie, Berkeley
Support the proposed amendment!
Carol, St. Louis
Invest my money with companies which do good, avoid supporting all bad corporate citizens,stay politically aware and badger my friends with nudges to do the same.
Timothy, Seattle
spread the good word
Lorraine H., Gainesville
Teresa, Whiteland
Tony, Saint Helens
Continue trying to talk some sense into people who only vote along the party lines.
Timothy, Whitehall
Tell a friend
Thomas, Albuquerque
whatever it takes, doing tons of stuff with Move to Amend right now...
Carlos, Detroit
I'll do what I can... I'll spread the word through Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I also have several petitions at
Troy, Walnut Creek
Paul, Dubuque
Work for the election of those who will pledge themselves to these same principles. Work (mainly online) for the inclusion of more individuals into this process to create the groundswell necessary to get this to the floor of Congress and The People.
Lawrence, Frostburg
Spread the word!
bob, monmouth jct
support and vote for laws that reflect the Constitution the way it was meant to be. A government by the people for the people. not a government run by foreign corporations or special interest
Steve, Auberry
I'll add this url to my e-mail signature and try to persuade correspondents to support this amendment effort.
brad, indianapolis
Vote/ Talk/ write.
William, Reno
Whatever it takes, let's get it done.
William, Los Angeles
K.C., Albuquerque
Cindy, Pittsburgh
Ralph, Rochester HILLS MI
spread the word among my contacts
Shannon, Yakima
Democracy is at risk with the power of money in the hands of the few!
Robert , San Jose
"What Is Needed" will be.
Sandra, Montpelier
Vote and spread the word
Karen, Moultrie
Toni, Dawsonville
Victoria, Boca Raton
I will spread the word and support the proposed amendment through social networks, voting, phone calls, and conversations with friends and family. I will also donate what money I can afford.
Vivian, Charlottesville
Jerry, Haworth
sign petitions like these
Andrea, Hollywood
Support overturning of "Citizens United", question and research motives of each and every vote of the local politician hold legistrators accountable and liable for their decisions.
BARBARA, Norwich
vote Obama, try to persuade others to do the same. also work to defeat most GOP congresspeople as those elected in 2010 have botched their jobs.
John, Philadelphia
I will spread the word and enlist as many as I can to support this cause.
Bob, Beaverton
Write an amendment contact my Senators and Representatives
Bela, Anchorage
Support RDA AND GET the word out
Bill, East Longmeadow
pass the word and continue to vote. Strongly support "getmoneyout"
Kristopher, Elberfeld
B, Mercer Island
Brenda, Harrisburg
Robert, West Jordan
Spread the word
David, Baltimore
Margaret, Albuquerque